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Dr. Ken Vehec

CEO/Board Chair

Doctor Vehec is a counseling psychologist who works in the demanding field of Traumatic Brain
Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. As a therapist in the Veterans Administration’s Vet
Center program for fifteen years, he was one of the first qualified second level screener for the
James A. Haley VA hospitals Poly-trauma Unit, (one of four in the country) where he gained
invaluable experience working with our most severely neurologically traumatized veterans. Dr.
Vehec studied neuroscience under the preeminent neuro-psychologist Dr. Eugene Tootle at Barry
University. Dr. Vehec was the chairman of the Board for a Charter School specializing in
Specific Learning Disabled children grades K-8. During which time he championed numerous
Brain Based learning programs, i.e. Brain Gym®, Audio Visual Entrainment, and the Interactive
Metronome® program which afforded the students the understanding of how they learned and
assimilated information which allowed them to eventually be returned to the public school
mainstream. Dr. Vehec is a member of the American Counseling Association, Florida Mental
Health Counseling Association, and the Milton Erickson Foundation. He was an adjunct
professor of psychology at the University of Central Florida from 2001-2016.
Dr. Vehec has an established Sport and Entertainment psychology practice. He was the Team
psychologist for the Orlando Predators and the Kansas City Phantoms, both were professional
Arena Football teams. He provided the coaching staff and players training on brain based
learning exercises designed to improve balance, enhance physical and mental performance. He
designed treatment plans for post-concussion recovery for the players. Dr. Vehec works with
PGA Professionals. One of whom was a contestant on “the Big Break” and continues on the
professional tour. He is a consultant for the NFLPA of central Florida. He co-organized the first
neurological symposium for the NFL & NFLPA players prior to the Pro Bowl in Orlando. This
symposium provided an overall medical exam, a neurological exam with MRI/DTI scans. A full
day of lectures from experts in their fields, topics included: Concussions, TBI & CTE, memory
loss, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia. Dr. Vehec is a sought after lecturer on motivation and Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder. His “Recovery for All’ lecture has been given at the Road to
Recovery Conventions sponsored by the Coalition to Salute Americas Heroes. In attendance
were some of our most severely injured Afghanistan and Iraq veterans, their families and the
Under Secretary of the Veterans Administration. As a disabled Navy veteran with a TBI,
resulting from a submarine missile tube explosion, Dr. Vehec’s message resonates with his
patients what is possible after injury through recovery. This fuels his passion for helping others
suffering from the complications of any neurological conditions or disorders. Dr. Vehec believes
that from concussion to Alzheimer’s and Dementia there is hope that a therapy or exercise
program exists which can help to improve one’s quality of life. Dr. Vehec’s favorite expression
is “Never let anyone tell you what your limitations are!"

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CFO/Managing Director VP

Penny Goldstein (CFO/Managing Director) has been with managing businesses and non-profits for more than 37 years. She is passionate about working with seniors and enhancing the lives of those in need. She is bringing her experience now to the Better Brain Experience to forward this important “change the world” project. Penny tells a story about why she knows this will make a difference:


Edna was 87 and living with her son, when suddenly and unexpectedly, he passed from cancer. She had been a charge nurse and a minister in her church. As she aged, her diabetes had become harder and harder to control and she had an incident that left her with short-term memory loss. Her daughter was in hospice 1500 miles away and was unable to help. Not only was there no one else left in her life, but she was unable to live alone. I had known her daughter as a child. She was a friend of my Aunt. I worked with seniors and lived a little more than an hour away from Edna, but I went to visit and stepped in to help. 


We moved Edna into an assisted living facility, and evenually into a long-term nursing facility. She was lonely, but at least she was not alone. She didn't really like to move a whole lot, and her knees were week from her years at work, but her brain was still quick about some things and she did puzzles regularly. If I asked her what she needed, the answer was always puzzle books. She was starved for something to keep the working parts of her mind active. I remember calling and telling her I was on my way, and asking if she wanted something from the dining room brought to her. She answered in the affermative, yet when I arrived at her building, I found her entering the dining room for dinner. She had  no idea she had just spoken to me, but she knew she suddenly wanted something from the dining room. She wanted so much to be able to think clearly. She tried and tried to keep her brain active. If only....

Each of us has a story. A story about someone we know, we care about, we love. Someone who is aging in a way that may not be as active, involved and cognizant as they wish. We can make a difference. We can change the world, one brain at a time. 


Dr. Alan Smolowe

Chief Research Officer/VP

It is with the deepest regret that we announce that our "silent" business partner, Dr. Alan Smolowe passed away on January 22, 2023. He was an integral part of the Better Brain Experience, including Better Brain Initiatives (our not for profit), Better Brain Associates, and A Better Brain with Dr. Ken. He was truly a brilliant mind, a great friend, and a wonderful, giving person and his loss is heartbreaking. He will be greatly missed. A brain such as his comes along once in a lifetime and we extend our warmest condolences to his loving family, and all of our friends who are mourning this loss.  

Dr. Alan Smolowe is an educational and cognitive remediation visionary who believes there are effective ways of helping seniors preserve and improve their cognitive limitations through advances being made in neuroscience. Dr. Smolowe has a strong business background including marketing positions as Vice President of Jeno’s, International Marketing Director of Danskin, and President of Rothschild Development Corporation. Dr. Smolowe co-founded three schools and served as their President where he developed a program that effectively remediated the fundamental problems causing and created by learning disabilities. Dr. Smolowe serves as Co-Chairman of the Space Technology and Research Foundation (S.T.A.R.). Dr. Smolowe completed his MBA in Marketing and Finance in 1976, his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership in 1997 and an Ed.D. in Education in 2003.

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